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What are the benefits of Darktrace email service

Benefits of Darktrace Email Service

As threats evolve, email security must be developed. Darktrace Email uses basic self-learning to stop more advanced email threats. Intervene to protect employees from a full range of threats targeting incoming mail. Also known as Antigena Email, Darktrace Email provides Protection against current and future attacks and is not limited to the usual data and attack rules, because the attacks are evolving, and the user's security must also evolve.


What are the benefits of Darktrace email service?

What are the benefits of Darktrace email service?

1-Appropriate independent response


Darktrace Email understands the behavioral context and deploys a self-proportionate response to stop threats while repairing or allowing unusual but secure emails


2-Diversity of clients


Darktrace email clients come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no limit to the number of users or mail flow Designed for small and medium businesses, enterprises, government, and critical infrastructure and Integrate into workflows including SIEM and SOAR.


3-provide safety


To help organizations bridge security holes in their multi-cloud, multi-platform environments, Darktrace Email, hosted on Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Security complements with self-learning AI that independently detects and responds to new email threats that evade Other Defenses Darktrace Email integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange.


4-Supervising data loss incidents


In terms of data loss, Darktrace Email has full visibility of the incoming and outgoing mail flow, gives the user the authority to supervise potential data loss incidents that may result from account takeover or insider threat, and highlights users who exhibit unusual behavior During multiple data loss incidents.


5-Get rid of CEO fraud


CEO fraud occurs when an attacker uses the CEO's authority to request sensitive information or a fraudulent wire transfer. in the body of the email, and then blocks or completely blocks the threat element in the email.


6-Solve bill fraud problems


Invoice fraud may involve a threat actor impersonating a supplier and informing the company that their payment details have changed, the Darktrace Email recognizes spoofing attempts, detects invoice fraud attempts through the language in the email body, and takes measures to ensure that they do not succeed attack.


7-social engineering


Social engineering involves psychologically manipulating the recipient into taking an action they wouldn't otherwise, often by invoking emotions such as fear, uncertainty, or doubt. Darktrace Email recognizes patterns in communication that indicate social engineering for malicious purposes and disrupting email.


8-Get rid of blackmail


An attacker may claim to have compromised information or material to extort cryptocurrency payments from employees. These are usually empty threats, but this does not prevent them from succeeding. Darktrace Email recognizes extortion attempts from the language in the email body and blocks the mail of delivery.


9-Stop various attacks


Ransomware and Malware Email is the direct path for attackers to bring malware into an enterprise. While in theory, email gateways and malware scanning tools should stop these attacks, in practice these tools are trained to detect known threats. Attackers are constantly innovating.


Darktrace Email stops malware and ransomware at the first hurdle by recognizing the exact signs of unusual activity that indicate this type of attack, and then takes action to remove only the threat element from the email.


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