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LifeLock security tool for data protection

What is the LifeLock security tool?


LifeLock is an identity theft protection service packed with powerful features that provides comprehensive cyber security. LifeLock Protection Services monitors potential identity theft threats and uses advanced identity theft and device security tools to protect personal information from data breaches.

LifeLock security tool for data protection

What does LifeLock support?

LifeLock provides reliable support by giving customers 24/7 access to live member support agents, LifeLock member portal provides self-service options for finding answers to general questions and common support issues, besides, the site includes On many educational materials that customers can access at any time, it is also possible to contact (LifeLock) by phone, as the phone call is available 24/7 if the user falls victim to identity theft, (LifeLock) has a section Handy restoration to help guide him through the entire process.


LifeLock Tool Features

LifeLock has the best ID theft protection features to help protect personal data from potential threats and give peace of mind.

Real-time threat protection

LifeLock provides advanced, multi-level security that helps protect against current and emerging malware threats to devices, and helps protect personal and sensitive financial information such as bank account, credit card details, passwords, PINs, and other data.

family protection

LifeLock has comprehensive family protection plans called (Norton 360) with (LifeLock for Family) that help protect the entire family’s identities, devices, and privacy online. The plan can also be purchased with a single, easy-to-manage subscription that covers two adults and up to five children and includes All features in paid regular plans designed to protect the family.

Identity recovery

If you become a victim of identity theft, LifeLock will enlist the services of identity recovery professionals, who will help deal with the issue at every step of the recovery process from notifying creditors and banks to freezing accounts and replacing stolen identities. LifeLock pays for everything. Identity recovery can be very expensive, so LifeLock will also pay attorney fees.


Every LifeLock price plan has a $1 million protection package for members. It compensates customers for stolen money and covers personal expenses from $25,000 to $1 million. Identity theft often requires significant legal assistance. If necessary, LifeLock will pay. Fees of attorney and identity recovery experts In the event of identity theft, the user will need assistance in recovering the identity.

privacy watch

This feature lets people know who searches websites and data collectors who have private personally identifiable information listed and how it can be removed manually. Removing information from such databases can help restore privacy to some extent and make it more difficult for identity thieves to obtain it.

VPN Security

As part of the Norton family of security software, LifeLock also provides a secure and easy-to-use VPN to stay safe on the Internet, and a no-logs VPN allows browsing anonymously and securely without worrying about malware and phishing, and bank encryption can be used to ensure that more sensitive information such as passwords and bank account details are more secure and private.

“VPN” is an abbreviation for “Virtual Private Network”.


LifeLock contains several alerts to help you keep up with data breaches and potential fraud via text, phone, or email. These alerts include identity alerts, crime alerts, investment and credit account verification, and savings account activity alerts. Dark Web and bank account takeover alert As if threats turn out to be real LifeLock offers a remedy but some alerts are not available in the standard plan, Unfortunately, not all events will trigger a warning, and certain activities will generate an alert after 30 Just a day.

Ease of use

Ease of use is one of the many distinguishing features of LifeLock reviews, many customers said the simplicity of the service was what made them choose it. And private security notices are hassle-free there's not much a user can do once you sign up. LifeLock does all the hard work on behalf of the user, which means that they will not have to freeze their balance in case of an identity breach, since they will be constantly monitored and protected.

It will also receive alerts via email, text message, or app notifications, when talking about the (LifeLock) app, it makes it very easy to keep up with credit activity, as it can even check your credit score on the app, although it can't view credit reports full.

identity control

LifeLock monitors identities by monitoring all use of our names or Social Security numbers such as USPS address changes, criminal records, court records, dark web content, and data breach notifications.

credit control

With a special (Ultimate Plus) subscription, LifeLock provided credit monitoring and monthly reports from all three bureaus, in addition, daily credit-score updates were received from one of the credit bureaus. This is the best that LifeLock can do, which is great with Identity Theft Protection Standards, however, whenever you apply with a lower plan, you will get fewer and fewer credit monitoring features, a minimal standard plan, monitors credit only from one office, no monthly reports, and results updates.

financial control

Most importantly, if someone steals someone else's identity, LifeLock will compensate them for losses of up to $1 million, which is standard in the identity monitoring industry, of course, while some other identity monitoring apps, such as ID Watchdog, have covered all Subscribers receive up to $1 million in stolen money, LifeLock's lower-tier plans only pay subscribers up to $25,000 and $100,000.

Online dashboard

Once in the dashboard, the user is asked if they want to add more personal information such as insurance information, bank account numbers, driver's license number, and credit card numbers.