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Key Features of Google Slides

The main purpose of Google Slides is to create presentations to express your ideas in the form of images, charts, text, and animations and to share the slides with others offline or online.

Google Slides


Google Slides Slides is a collection of office and educational applications. Similar to the tools in Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create dynamic presentations with images and audio, and you can also add GIFs to add some fun to your presentation. your.

Key Features of Google Slides


Google Slides also includes Android and iOS apps so you can work on your presentation on a tablet or smartphone.


Key Features of Google Slides


Here's a quick look at some of the key features in Google Slides:


1. Export PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides


To be able to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Google Slides presentation, follow these steps:


Download the PowerPoint presentation you want to Google Drive.


Note: Some PowerPoint features will not migrate to Google Slides.


You can also save your Google presentation as a PowerPoint, (PDF) file, or other file formats, by clicking on the File option and then choosing Download, and selecting one of the available options, as shown in the following image:



2. Using PowerPoint Presentations Offline


Google Slides is cloud-based, but you can access and edit documents in Google Drive offline. Once you're online again, all your work syncs with the live version, if you want to move your work to Offline mode, follow these steps:


Navigate to the presentation you want to use offline and click the File option in the toolbar at the top of the screen to bring up a list of options.


Click Make available offline from the drop-down menu.


3. Collaborate directly on Google Slides


One of the main advantages of Google Slides over Microsoft PowerPoint is a direct collaboration with the team, no matter where your co-workers are, where you can share Google Slides from Google Drive and invite Collaborators via their Google accounts, and you can control the degree of access each person has, such as whether they can only view or edit the presentation.


Live collaboration allows all team members to work on and view the same presentation simultaneously from satellite desks, everyone can see live edits as they are created, for this to work, everyone must be connected to the internet, the easiest way to invite others to view or edit your project It's via the Share button at the top right, from there you can copy a link to the presentation or you can add collaborators via their email addresses.


4. Record Google Slides Versions


Because Google Slides is based on the cloud, it saves automatically as you work online. Version history tracks all changes, when, and who made them. To see a history of document modifications, follow these instructions:


Click on the File option from the toolbar at the top of the screen, and a list of options will appear.


Click Version history from the drop-down menu.


Click See version history.


5. Google Slides built-in themes


Just like PowerPoint, Google Slides offers pre-designed themes, backgrounds, colors, and fonts, and it also offers some great design features, including zooming in and out of slides and the ability to apply masks to images to modify their shapes.


Google Slides has the same purpose as a PowerPoint presentation to serve as visual support in an oral presentation, however, Google Slides offers different benefits such as the ability to have your presentation in the Google Cloud and access it from anywhere and from any device Multiple users can edit the same presentation at the same time or save all changes automatically thanks to the autosave feature.