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How to protect your email with the security tool mail cleaner?

MailCleaner Email Security Tool

MailCleaner helps detect threats, anti-virus, user authentication, spam filtering, and blacklisting. This solution also allows users to verify the identities of sent mail servers, and implement various blacklists of spammers such as (Spamhaus) and more, in addition, administrators can customize configurations such as Language, frequency of reports, and action taken on spam.


What is MailCleaner Security Tool?


MailCleaner is an anti-spam solution designed to help businesses of all sizes filter out threats and potentially dangerous content via incoming messages. Categorize and directly transfer unnecessary emails.



Main Features of MailCleaner Security Tool

How to protect your email with the security tool mail cleaner?

1-Anti-spam software


Email is essential to any corporate operations, but it can also expose a company to a myriad of risks, because it provides viruses, spyware, ransomware, (cryptolocker), Trojans, and other malware easy access to company computers for phishing attacks. Fraudulent, extortion, or other attacks.


A special spam filter server ensures that more than 99% of spam is blocked and every message is analyzed, so that the user receives only the important messages, if a malicious file is detected, MailCleaner will automatically send it to an isolated area where it can not cause further damage In the future.


MailCleaner's anti-spam tool implements several complementary spam detection methods, by combining artificial intelligence algorithms with frequent updates, as it constantly adapts to identify the ever-changing technologies of spammers.


2-Flexible anti-spam services


Spam filtering service is easily configured by changing the user's DNS (DNS) with his Internet provider, after that, all mail will be filtered through efficient hosted servers which send all unwanted messages and viruses to the online quarantine folder. (MailCleaner) is also ideal for any ISP because it works on a variety of domains with different rules for filtering spam.


Each server gateway can also handle large amounts of traffic as well as install the software easily in less than fifteen minutes, MailCleaner is also the best spam protection gateway for (O365) because it allows the user to simply monitor their traffic, but also to manage its newsletter permissions.

“DNS” is an abbreviation for “Domain Name Service”.

3-Safer option


MailCleaner is a recommended solution for any business, from small merchants to large corporations, Anti-spam software provides the best virtual protection for organizations from spam to viruses, MailCleaner blocks any unwanted files or messages, and employees can be accessed By phone, e-mail, or the online form of the tool's website.


The MailCleaner tool is based on a set of advanced filtering technologies that run in parallel. Users retain complete control over the isolation behavior with a simple click. Users can delete or edit any message held by the filter. The installation requires no modification whatsoever to the existing IT infrastructure.




MailCleaner's anti-virus program filters all incoming messages for viruses, worms, and suspicious attachments that contain potentially dangerous contents, in addition to detecting newsletters, MailCleaner identifies and categorizes newsletters, and the user will receive only the newsletters he wants to receive.


5-Web-based user interface


MailCleaner provides each user with an easy way to review quarantine lists, change preferences, and consolidate reports for people with more than one email address, in addition to a web-based admin interface, the administrator retains control of all system settings, and detailed filtering and traffic reports give the administrator a clear view. for network and mail activity.



At the end of the article on Ecosoft Site we wish you full protection  ,MailCleaner is a business anti-spam portal installed between the user's mail infrastructure and the Internet, providing professional anti-virus protection and eliminating up to 99% of spam.