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Filseclab Personal Firewall

Filseclab Personal Firewall is a powerful and effective firewall that is very easy to use, it can provide more secure protection for the user's computer, it can block some major adware and spyware, the definition supports live updates, it can control websites easily, and it is free.


What is Filseclab Personal Firewall?


Filseclab Personal Firewall

Filseclab Personal Firewall is a personal firewall, that allows the user to control which programs can access the Internet and at what time, and provides an automatic rules handler that will prompt the user to take action whenever an incoming or outgoing connection is detected, that does not match any of the rule sets At the moment, the user can choose to grant or deny access and create a rule for it automatically.


The firewall also allows creating rules manually and supports application, intranet, network type, and time rules, in addition to connection filtering, this firewall also provides browser-independent website access filtering, which allows the user to block specific sites or restrict access to a list of sites. Additional packet control (ICMP), traffic graph display, three security levels, and more.


Advantages and disadvantages of Filseclab Personal Firewall


Filseclab Personal Firewall Features


It is classified as an advanced firewall and helps detect viruses, in addition to providing confidential alerts, it also helps to limit the user's computer to specific programs and a specific time.


Identity protection, Internet security, multi-language support, as well as multiple monitoring of servers and their containment on the monitoring network, and the firewall relies on several advanced technologies that have become standard among commercial firewalls.


A two-way firewall, a network time machine, and its ability to monitor the visual network, in addition to detecting the webcam and microphone, the firewall also creates a set of protection rules that protect the user from attacks on the Internet, Trojans, etc.


The protection technology is based on dual packet filtering, which allows the user to check all traffic in two stages: high level and then low level.


The firewall uses a high-level engine that controls the Internet connection and connections from the user's computer to the Internet, and the firewall is based on the kernel level API, so the engine is completely invisible to the operating system.


The firewall automatically blocks access to the Internet at specific times of the day and night, filters incoming and outgoing packets, and generates dynamic rules, and the firewall has a convenient user interface.


It is easy to use, includes a configurable screen, and offers color options.


This firewall has been tested with (Windows 98), (Windows 2000), (Windows NT), (Windows XP) and (Windows Vista).


It has a double filter system that provides double layer protection, and the digital signature verification can automatically trust the known software.


(7) Built-in large modes can be applied to all kinds of requirements, the advanced real-time display enables network activities to be clear, and password protection can protect rules and configurations.


It is very easy to backup and restore bases, and supports two types of log files, “ASCII and binary”.


Also supports the live update of rule definition, traffic graph, privacy protection, Security Center (Windows), message alert, and more unique features.


Disadvantages of Filseclab Personal Firewall


The most common problems with Filseclab Personal Firewall are:


It cannot be installed if the hard disk is full, and the installation directory is not enough.

The password is too long and difficult to enter.


Some programs are installed in the directory while others are installed in the subfolder.


Filseclab Personal Firewall Requirements


(Windows 2000), (Windows XP), (Windows Vista), or (Windows 7) at (700) MHz or faster.


Requires (250) megabytes (MB) or more of free disk space.


Filseclab Personal Firewall Described as the professional version is one of the most important Filseclab programs, it is very powerful and very popular, it has a simple and pleasant interface and is characterized by its ability to provide more secure protection for the user's computer and it is a firewall in the security and privacy category.