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Burp Suite web application protection tool

Burp Suite web application protection tool

Burp Suite Professional, from (PortSwigger), is the world's leading toolkit for web security testing, more than (52,000) users around the world resort to using (Burp Suite Professional) to find more vulnerabilities faster, using Expertly designed hand and machine tools.


What is the Burp Suite security tool?


Burp Suite is an advanced set of tools for detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications, all within one product. Burp Suite can be used to test and report a large number of security vulnerabilities, including (SQL), (XSS), OWASP, and many more, PortSwigger is the web security company that empowers the world to secure the web, formerly known as Burp PortSwigger Burp Suite Professional.


Note: “SQL” is an abbreviation for “Structured Query language”.

Note: “XSS” is an abbreviation for “Cross-site scripting”.

Note: “OWASP” is an abbreviation for “Open Web Application Security Project.”

How Burp Suite Security Tool Works


It acts as a web proxy server between the user's browser and the Internet connection, this application acts as a middle point between the browser and the Internet, this feature allows the (burp) group to perform all security checks, intercept and modify (HTTP) requests, analyze the response of the web server, find vulnerabilities, map attacks and perform many There are other types of attacks as well.


Note: “HTTP” is an abbreviation for “HyperText Transfer Protocol.”


Burp Suite Security Tool Features


  • The BurpSuite security tool contains an interception agent that allows the user to view and modify the contents of requests and responses as they are in transit, and also allows the user to send the request and the monitored response to another related tool in BurpSuite, which removes the burden of copying and pasting.


  • Compared to other web application evaluation tools, Burp Suite is a powerful web-based penetration testing tool for a reasonable price, Burp Suite provides plenty of tools for penetration testers.


  • It is a great tool for hackers with all the hacking features and detailed scan results for web or mobile apps, with easy setup and great support.


  • Security testing that covers more than (100) vulnerabilities, in addition to continuous updates to ensure that the latest security vulnerabilities are identified.


  • An analysis engine (JavaScript) that uses static and dynamic testing techniques to identify client-side vulnerabilities, as well as a comprehensive vulnerability report.


  • Scan scheduling for repeat scans, as well as a central dashboard to give a full perspective on company security.


  • The well-designed user interface is very lightweight and stable, as well as cross-platform support.


  • It can work with almost all browsers, and it can also help hack websites.


  • It can help examine requests and responses (Http / Https), and it can also perform personalization attacks.


Burp Suite Pricing


Completely free for all users, the professional version of (Burp Suite) comes as a single-user license, which means that every time a new user wants to install this version, he will have to buy a new license, which will pay $399 per year, and while you can The user subscribes for a year, two years or ten years immediately, but will not be rewarded with any discount on the long-term commitment.


However, it does offer a 30-day trial, and try this product for free before making a purchase. The third and final version of the (Burp Suite) is geared toward enterprises and comes in the form of three full-featured plans ranging from $6995 to $29,450. For US$ a year, one of the paid versions can be purchased using all credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, check, or Bitcoin.


Web security testing with Burp Suite security tool


Understanding how applications are vulnerable to attack is key to defending them, (Burp Suite) is a comprehensive platform and graphical tool for conducting security testing of web applications, and it supports the entire testing process, from planning initiation and analysis of an application attack to discovering vulnerabilities and how to exploit them.


Intended to provide a comprehensive solution for web application security checks, in addition to basic functions such as proxy server and scanning tools, the tool also contains more advanced options such as decryption, comparison, and extender.


The tool is written in (Java) and developed by (PortSwigger Web Security), the tool has three versions, a community version that can be downloaded for free, a (Professional) version, and an (Enterprise) version that can be purchased after a trial period.