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AppTrana web security tool

AppTrana web security tool

Threats are constantly monitored within AppTrana using automated security scans and manual pen testing AppTrana allows users to view the number of blocked attacks and identify any trends in attacks using visual analytics It is a fully managed security tool that detects vulnerabilities through web application scanning and improves security his performance.


AppTrana web security tool

What is the AppTrana web security tool?


(AppTrana) is a security tool for websites and apps, designed to help companies manage and maintain cloud security with scanning, pen testing, risk detection, persistent security (WAF), traffic monitoring, and more, provides a 360-degree view of user application security using dashboards and visual reports, notifications and alerts.


The dashboard provides quick data on vulnerabilities found, the total number of attacks, bandwidth usage, action plans, etc. Allows companies to protect their websites and applications with vulnerability patching and DDoS monitoring.


Note: “WAF” is short for “Web Application Firewall.”

Note: “DDoS” is short for “Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack.”


AppTrana web security tool pricing


AppTrana WAF has (3) pricing versions based on feature set, Advanced plan starts at $99 with a 14-day free trial, and it provides advanced security tools, including non-calculated DDoS protection and firewall Web application protection combined with unlimited application security scanning and a free SSL certificate.


The $399 premium plan includes comprehensive bot mitigation, advanced monitoring, manual pen testing, and more, as the Enterprise plans are for organizations that need more personalized protection.


Note: “SSL” is an abbreviation for “Secure Sockets Layer”.


Advantages of the AppTrana web security tool


1-Detecting security vulnerabilities without stopping


AppTrana provides the user with the ability to run frequent automated scans looking for the 10 most important OWASP vulnerabilities, and customers can also choose to run a gray box test by providing valid credentials.


Note: “OWASP” is an abbreviation for “Open Web Application Security Project.”


2-Manual Pen Test


Customers can also order a manual pen test, where security experts scan a user's site to see if there are any complex business-layer vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.


3-Correct security vulnerabilities immediately


Existing vulnerabilities can be fixed instantly with AppTrana WAF which comes with foundational rule sets created by experts that protect a user's website from OWASP's 10 most important vulnerabilities, if the vulnerabilities are not fixed through the foundational rules, Custom patches written by security experts can then be requested to ensure comprehensive protection.


4-Check for false positives


Customers can ask experts to monitor a user's site for false positives and adjust the site's rules to ensure that there are no false positives.


5-Posting fast and non-stop


Deployment fully takes place in a few minutes All sites are automatically set up to meet both HTTP and HTTPS traffic Bottom-up AppTrana is built on AWS with security and performance in mind High-reliability architecture ensures And scalable that machines scale automatically based on load, by protecting against latency, there is no need for any additional client-side infrastructure deployments.


Note: “HTTPS” is an abbreviation for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.”


6-DDoS Protection


AppTrana ensures site availability through advanced DDOS protection and provides two levels of DDOS protection, namely, off-the-shelf price control rules and captcha protection in case of suspected DDOS attacks. Automatic alerts and custom rules are written by experts In the case of layer 7 persistent DDOS attacks based on the attack pattern to thwart more complex attacks.

7-Understand the risk statement


Where the user can get the details of the vulnerabilities on the site, it provides detailed information about the type of vulnerabilities found, provides information such as whether the vulnerability can be protected by advanced rules, token rules, or custom rules, if the vulnerability can be protected With a custom rule, the user can request it by clicking the Request custom rule button.


Users can also start an automated scan at any time for any number of times, also, they can order a manual pen test (PT), a test (PT) is performed by security experts and searches for vulnerabilities that cannot be identified by automated scans, completed Within (4) weeks of ordering This option is only available on the Premium subscription and is limited to one scan per year, for additional scans, a separate license purchase is required.


The user can also download a detailed report on the vulnerabilities found on the site, which also provides full details of the vulnerability found and the steps that can be taken to mitigate it.


8-Protection and Monitoring Page


As (AppTrana) is a fully managed solution, the Protection and Monitoring page is an analytic view that helps users understand what is being protected, what type of attacks are blocked, etc., and many actions are not expected by users, and users can see the details Then choose the blacklist and whitelist of the (IP) or (URI) address.


Apart from that for any other tweaks or changes, AppTrana expects users to have access to its 24/7 support team and make custom changes in the background. The user is not expected to be a security expert, as the tool empties the management (WAF) of clients.


Note: “IP” is an abbreviation for “Internet Protocol.”

Note: "URI" is an abbreviation for "Uniform Resource Identifier".


Some alternatives to the AppTrana web security tool


  • Use Spectral


It is a very fast, developer-first cybersecurity solution that acts as a control plane over source code and other developer assets, finding and protecting against malicious security bugs in code, configurations, and other artifacts.


  • Use of the Safetica platform


Safetica provides easy-to-use on-premises data loss prevention, cloud-native, and internal threat protection solutions that help organizations secure their data and ensure regulatory compliance.



Website security is no longer an option Any website that faces the Internet is vulnerable to attacks Attackers do it for a variety of reasons some do it for fame some do it for competitive information and some do it just for fun no matter the reason the breach Expensive, so every internet facing website needs a comprehensive security solution.

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