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AppTrana web security tool
Admin 29 September 2022
AppTrana web security tool Threats are constantly monitored within AppTrana using automated security scans and manual pen testing AppTrana a...
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Burp Suite web application protection tool
Admin 28 September 2022
Burp Suite web application protection tool Burp Suite Professional, from (PortSwigger), is the world's leading toolkit for web security ...
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Data Security Deception Benefits
Admin 27 September 2022
What is deception in data security? Phishing technology aims to deceive attackers by distributing a set of deceptive traps across the system...
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LifeLock security tool for data protection
Admin 26 September 2022
What is the LifeLock security tool?   LifeLock is an identity theft protection service packed with powerful features that provides comprehen...
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Nexus Firewall
Admin 25 September 2022
Nexus Firewall is the first line of defense against blocking open source malicious components from entering the user's SDLC, and the fir...
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Filseclab Personal Firewall
Admin 24 September 2022
Filseclab Personal Firewall is a powerful and effective firewall that is very easy to use, it can provide more secure protection for the use...
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What is an Internet Stalking Attack
Admin 23 September 2022
Communication through social networks and other public online forums can be beneficial both socially and professionally when conducted logic...
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